Tengist Gamma oot nou!

The latest version o Tengist GD is oot nou! … A aye say that…


  • Enemies nou uise pathfindin tae find you
  • Skybox is added
  • Levels 3-7 hiv been added
  • HUD Ammo indicator added
  • Halth an Armour baurs added
  • Shotgun haes been added as a pickup wapen
  • Doors hiv been added tae the gemme
  • Functional keycards hiv been added


Dounload here!

Region-Free Console Warslin 10th Anniversary video released!

It’s feenished! A juist barely feenished it wi 10 meenut tae gae in the 10th anniversary o Region Free Console Warstlin!

It leuks like tot rubbage, truth be telt, but at least it’s something.

For thae that dinnae ken, A stairtit makkin a series on Youtube (and pairtly on Dailymotion an aw), dried Region-Free Console Warstlin (RCW), or Console World Wrestling Entertainment (CWWE) an later on International Console Wrestling (ICW) at the time 10 year aby the day! We chynged the name tae RCW in recent years acause we wantit a unique acronym for the shaw.

A threw thegither this video usiin maistly the exact same techniques A uisied 10 year aby, the ainly thing that haes chynged here is that A uised a 3D ring an arena that A modelled in Blender as the backgrund, whit haes alloued for multiple camera angles.

Back in 2007, the videos war aiblins belaw average, an it haes aged verra bad! Makin the new video in the same style an playin it back,, it leuks awful!

Here yese gae onywey, prepare tae cringe intae the neist dimension:

Regairdless, Happy 10th Birthday, RCW!

Tengist GD Beta oot nou!

The latest version o Tengist GD is oot nou!


  • Added Miusic
  • Added Soond Effects
  • Added Main an Pause menus
  • Added 3 levels
  • Enemies nou uise path-findin tae git tae targets an sidestep gin another enemy is in front o thaim.
  • The player nou muives a wee bit fester
  • Exit signs whaur the end o the levels are




Hypnofire 3D 1.1 Releasit

Version 1.1 is here! A’v listened tae the few that hiv reportit thair problems an bugs wi the gemme, an A’v tried ma best tae mak the chynges accordingly!

These changes include:

  • Spaceship ootline – tae mak it staund oot mair frae the arena, whaur the floor is the same colour.
  • Control Display at the stairt o the gemme – Tae avoid ony confusions, gin any were made.
  • Leid Selection haes been muived tae stairt-up – Sae the gemme willna default tae ony leid. (A’v haed reports fae Inglis speakers aboot it defaultin tae Scots)
  • Camera Angle selection – Naething special, but nou thare’s an extra camera angle that is closer tae the arena, for thae that dinna like it being sae faur awa. This option wis added tae the pause menu an aw.
  • Option tae disable explosion pairts -A’ll admit, this feature wis technically in 1.0, but yer coud ainly access it through the config.cfg file, this wis seemply acause A didna knaw whit tae cae it in the options… Nou that A’v come up wi a name, it’s implementit in gemme!
  • Copyright added tae the bottom o the start screen(s) -That’s richt! The featur that awbody wantit is nou finally in the gemme! … In aw sriousness, this yin is self-explanatory.
  • Sortit oot Italian owersettins – Per quelli che parla l’italiano!

Here are some screenshots:

Ye ken whare tae gae (A howp): Richt here! (Inglis site)