Hypnofire 3D 1.1 Releasit

Version 1.1 is here! A’v listened tae the few that hiv reportit thair problems an bugs wi the gemme, an A’v tried ma best tae mak the chynges accordingly!

These changes include:

  • Spaceship ootline – tae mak it staund oot mair frae the arena, whaur the floor is the same colour.
  • Control Display at the stairt o the gemme – Tae avoid ony confusions, gin any were made.
  • Leid Selection haes been muived tae stairt-up – Sae the gemme willna default tae ony leid. (A’v haed reports fae Inglis speakers aboot it defaultin tae Scots)
  • Camera Angle selection – Naething special, but nou thare’s an extra camera angle that is closer tae the arena, for thae that dinna like it being sae faur awa. This option wis added tae the pause menu an aw.
  • Option tae disable explosion pairts -A’ll admit, this feature wis technically in 1.0, but yer coud ainly access it through the config.cfg file, this wis seemply acause A didna knaw whit tae cae it in the options… Nou that A’v come up wi a name, it’s implementit in gemme!
  • Copyright added tae the bottom o the start screen(s) -That’s richt! The featur that awbody wantit is nou finally in the gemme! … In aw sriousness, this yin is self-explanatory.
  • Sortit oot Italian owersettins – Per quelli che parla l’italiano!

Here are some screenshots:

Ye ken whare tae gae (A howp): Richt here! (Inglis site)

Tengist GD, Camerageddon an Rossies 3D (re-)anooncit!

A’m annoncin 3 gemmes tae come oot sometime neist year! Tengist GD, Camerageddon an Rossies 3D!

“Haud on, ye’re no sairiously thinking that ye can mak 3 gemmes at a time, are ye?”, Weel, ay, an na, these 3 gemmes are gaunae be FPS gemmes, aw usin the same engine (Godot) an mechanics.

“Is that no greedy tae be daein that?” Wi the exception o pairt o Camerageddon, aw gemmes will be free! Oor situation wi Rossies 3D forbids us fae chairgin for it.

Camerageddon is the ainly gemme A can mak something fae, an e’en than, A’m gaun’ae gie oot the first episode (o 3 or 4) for free!

Wi Rossies 3D, we’re gaun’ae focus on ane chairacter at a time, an release their stories induvidually, the game will hiv 5 classes, ilka wi thair own Point O View o the gemme’s story.

Details aboot ilka gemme:

Tengist GD:
Tengist GD is the same deal as the oreegional Tengist, it’s tae test the mechanics o the ither gemmes, but this time, it’s o course bein made in Godot. (Hence, the “GD” in the name.)

Camerageddon shall follae the story o Johnny Phais, in his quest tae git the best shot o celebrities for Club Sidestep magazine, whit he wirks for.
The game will uise cameras insteid o guns tae knock oot players an NPCs, uisin flah insteid o bullets.
We will o course mak siccar tae mak the gemme as epilepsie-freendly as possible.

Rossies 3D:
Rossies 3D taks place in a fictional ceety in Scotland, whaur Rossi comrades are oot tae investigate extra terestrial acteevity an eliminate it at aw costs!

A blythe Yule tae awbody!

A Blythe Yule tae awyese fae aw o us here at Gamerstorm!

A wee update on projects gaun on, Hypnofire 3D is in development an is mair productive nor iver! A canna be fasht tae gie mair detail, an micht be ower complex for some fowk readin this. (Thon’s whit wir Development Blog is for!)

Awtho A’m gaun’ae tak a “haitus” (Inglis term meanin a wee break, canna think o a Scots equivalent) until Januar, or whaniver A feel like warkin on stuff again, whitever comes suiner!

Sae ay, hae a Blythe Yule, a Braw Hanukkah, a Braw Kwanzaa! …Whit else is thare… hae a Braw Festivus (3 days hyne)… ?

Oniewey, A’ll see yese in Januar, mibbie suiner!

A’m gaunae hiv tae tak a hiatus…

This is a quick update tae say that A’ll be takin a break fae ma projects tae feenish aff a project A need tae dae for ma uni, whit is made in GameMaker (GemmeMakar). A tuil a really hate…

Weel, A’ll hiv tae thole through it, A jalouse, It’s ainly got a few week, but still…

New Development Blog!

A decided tae mak a series on the Developers blog in Scots! Chack it oot!

Gamerstorm Developers Blog

Before I begin, I want to try out making a delopment blog, or rather a series of them, in Scots instead of English, I will stick to English with my Hypnofire 3D blog, for consistency’s sake, but for this one, which is just me playing about with Godot and trying to make different kinds of games without any stress with deadlines (not that I pay attention to those anyway) or having to follow a set of instructions and not having room to experiment, that’s what this is for and I uess to go along with it, I will be writing this is my favourite, and the way I see it, native, Language! Enjoy:

A’ve stairtit a new project on Godot while A wis in Italy, acause A haed naething else tae dae. As much as A like the village whaur we went, thare isnae an awfu muckle tae dae thare…

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