A’m anooncin a new, an aiblins final, version o Tengist GD! It sall be pit oot on the 1st November 2017!

That is aw.


Tengist GD Version 1.8 is oot nou!

The latest version o Tengist GD is finally here!


  • Pick-up indicators are nou mair subtle
  • Keys can nou be redefined
  • Crosshair is smawer
  • Walkin animation haes been added tae the guns
  • Player canna longer sprent whiles staundin onymair
  • Doors can nou detect the player better
  • Enemies nou knaw gin thare’s a door in front o thaim, an can appen thaim.
  • Enemies can notice the player easier
  • A level select menu haes been added
  • Melees wirk better nou
  • Melees nou dae mair daimige
  • Game daesna reset tae Scots whan gang tae the options menu for the first time onymair.
  • Game nou ainly speirs for the leed ance, than mynds that chyce, an skips the menu in future plays


Dounload nou!

Tengist GD – Version – Oot nou

A’v duin some chynges tae the gemme, an pit thegither aw o the versions o the gemme intae the ane dounload. (Weel, 2, ane for the zip, an ane for the instawer) The reason is acause the ainly differences atween the files wis the executable itsel.


  • Updatit Scots an italian owersettins
  • “Version 1.0” wis chynged tae “Version 1.1” in the copyricht section o the title screen


Tengist GD – Version – Oot nou!

Efter the wee delay we haed tae dae, the latest version o Tengist GD is oot nou!


-The player nou slaws doun whan catchin thair braith frae sprentin
-The gun nou turns alang wi the player, an the crosshair muive accordin tae that
-Crosshair nou chaynges colour whan in front o certain objects nou
-Crosshair nou gits bigger gin the player is near an object
-Unfreends no muive fester, deal mair daimige an tak mair hits tae dee
-Gemme is nou playable in the Catalan an Spaingie leeds
-In gemme font chynged


Dounload nou!

Tengist GD will hiv tae be haud back for nou

A’m sairy tae say tae yese that A’m gaun’ae hiv tae pit aff gittin Tengist GD lot for the nou.

Tae mak a lang story short. Ma PC broke, an A sent awa the haurd drive tae git sortt, but they’ve gien me the siller back, sae A hiv tae buy a new haurd drive, but that will be here in time for release..

A tried uisin ma auld laptop, but that wis awfu slaw an no-responsive, that it wis actual daein ma nut in!

Sairy… the game is ready, A juist need tae git it lot thare…